Artissima turin 2019
November 1 - 3

A solo presentation by Doa aly

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They are Impersonal, yet Habitation is Augmented by the Pressures of Their Indifference

25 September - 15 November 2019

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A shape-shifting architecture leaves behind its waste in rubbles or in vacant pristine forms. Storytelling, flamboyant upkeep or the breakdown of spatial and physical elements into a visual language are generative instruments of making a self and different experiences of time and duration accompany every reordering of an immediate space.

This exhibition looks at the way intimate spaces have been abstracted, dismantled and quantified to reflect a process of subjective projection. The spaces serve as stage for displayed acts of emotional intimacy and parallel states of paranoia, anger and trauma, while also acting as a present plane for a meditative conception of different futurities. The numerical and material components of space can be autonomous, animate and prescriptive.

Gypsum is showing the work of six artists and presenting three new commissions by Mahmoud Khaled, Samir El Kordy and Yazan El Zubi. The works span installation, photography and film. They respond to or resonate with questions through which this show has been formulated: what does it do to visually collapse a building -- or take an element out and reproduce it in infinite repetition? What do we say about our historical and emotional knowledge of our spaces? How have the formal elements of said spaces been utilized, fictionalized and rationalized through intellectual and artistic practice?

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