the brookly rail, “Mahmoud Khaled: I want you to know that I am hiding something from you

Shehab Awad

1 November 2018

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bomb magazine, “I want you to know that I am hiding something from you”

Kaitlyn A. Kramer

25 October 2018

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The new york times, “What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week”

Roberta Smith, Martha Schwendener, Will Heinrich and Jillian Steinhauer

17 October 2018

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Mada Masr, “On poignant politics and precarious monuments”

Ismail Fayed

9 April 2018

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Al hayat, “نهايات الدولة الحداثية القديمة”

Nasser Al Rabbat

28 March 2018

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The National, “Mahmoud Khaled exhibition tackles the 'burden of nostalgia' "

Jahd Khalil

12 March 2018

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Anna Seaman

12 January 2018

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sleek, “Why You Shouldn't Miss the 15th Istanbul Biennial”

Will Furtado

6 November 2017

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ocula, “A good neighbour? The 15th Istanbul Biennial”

Nat Muller

5 October 2017

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art agenda, “15th Istanbul Biennial, ‘a good neighbour’”

Jörg Heiser

18 September 2017

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ibraaz, “On Building Nations: A two-part conversation with Szabolcs KissPál and Mahmoud Khaled”

Edit András and Amro Ali

15 June 2017

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Vernissage tv, “Mahmoud Khaled: Painter on a Study Trip / Gypsum Gallery, Cairo (Egypt)”


20 May 2014

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vdrome, “mahmoud khaled ‘a memorial to failure”

Bassam El Baroni


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ibraaz, “The Non-Located Space Mahmoud Khaled in conversation with Omar Kholeif”

Omar Kholeif

19 December 2012

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rhizome, “Artist Profile: Mahmoud Khaled

Louis Doulas

23 February 2012

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