Gözde İlkin  // Found Landspace

Hosted by Franklin Parrasch Gallery with Misako & Rosen

[29 June –  27 July 2018]

Gypsum Gallery is pleased to present the work of Istanbul- based artist Gözde İlkin. Her work is made out of repurposed domestic fabrics, where table cloths, curtains and bed duvets act as memory objects that stage İlkin’s motifs and images. She deftly reworks the material with an arrangement of loose threads and thin layers of paint. Her artworks which incorporate stitching, drawing, painting as well as video and sound installations, construct forms of confrontational interactions that tend to manipulate borders, gender dynamics and ferocious urban transformations.

In the Found Landscape series, she works on found fabrics that she has collected from different countries. İlkin asks questions about personal geography and how one emotionally relates to being a foreigner in a foreign landscape. The series is accompanied by a set of drawings titled Nook. The drawings have been a daily practice carried out on natural-dyed paper. The plant traces on each paper attempt to create a home for the figure. Whereas, each piece of fabric is either a familiar memory or an unknown place, and its form embodies the different emotions invoked by these mental and physical spaces.