Founded by curator Aleya Hamza in late 2013, Gypsum is a private contemporary art gallery committed to presenting an international, multidisciplinary program focused on an engagement with sociopolitical, cultural and formal themes. The gallery represents a group of artists living and working between the Middle East, Europe and North America.  A rigorous practice and a singular vision characterize the work of the gallery's roster of artists with whom we are committed to forging long-standing relationships. Gypsum is interested in relocating the progressive and investigative art practices that have been associated with the non-profit art sector of Cairo and the Middle East to a commercial gallery context, to redefine society's understanding of contemporary art, collecting and their relationship to the world around us.  The gallery has produced new bodies of work for many of its artists including Setareh Shahbazi, Tamara Al-Samerai, Basim Magdy, Mona Marzouk and the formally ground breaking solo show by Mahmoud Khaled in which he built an empty swimming pool within the confines of the gallery space (a converted residential apartment).

Since we have opened our doors to the public, the gallery's exhibitions and artists have been featured in Artforum, Frieze magazine, Flash Art, Modern Painters, Canvas, Harper’s Bazaar Art, Metropolis M, art-agenda, Art Daily, Ibraaz, Mada Masr, Al-Ahram Online, Cairo Art Blog and Cairobserver, among others.

Aleya Hamza is a curator based in Cairo. Since completing her MA in History of Art at Goldsmiths College in 2001, she has lectured in contemporary art at the American University in Cairo, and worked as a curator at Townhouse Gallery and the Contemporary Image Collective in Cairo.  Her projects and exhibitions have been featured internationally in Alexandria, Amsterdam, Beirut, Berlin, Bonn, Budapest, Cairo, London, Odense and Rabat. She co-curated the third and fourth editions of PhotoCairo in 2005 and 2008, Objects in Mirror Are Closer than they Appear at the Tate Modern in 2013 and Sounds As Iffor the 2016 edition of DCAF Festival in Cairo.

Gypsum is located in the residential neighbourhood of Garden City, Cairo. 


Mada Masr on the launch of Gypsum Gallery. By Maha Alnabawi

Review of Gypsum Gallery's inaugural exhibition Spectral Days by Setareh Shahbazi in Frieze Magazine. By Negar Azimi

Spot light on Gypsum Gallery - an interview with founder Aleya Hamza on Cairobserver. By Mohamed Elshahed

Dispatch: Gypsum Gallery opens in Cairo. By Sarah Rifky

Coverage of gallery launch on Art Daily. By Maie Yanni

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5 Ibrahim Naguib St, Apt. 2, Ground floor

Garden City, Cairo, Egypt

Opening hours:

Daily from 12-8pm. Friday 4-8pm. Sunday off. Or by appointment.

Gallery is currently closed for renovations and will opens its doors in November 2016.